How do I choose the right professional?

The number of cosmetic surgeries has increased exponentially worldwide, especially in Argentina. Along with this phenomenon, the number of procedures performed by fake doctors and specialists has also increased simultaneously. This leads to an increase in the chances of complications and unsatisfactory results. To avoid this, it is essential to conduct a thorough search, analysis, and careful selection of the aesthetic surgeon who will perform the intervention.

It is crucial to ensure that the surgeon is certified by a reputable organization, such as the Argentine Society of Plastic Surgery (SACPER). This will give you the security and peace of mind that they have completed their training, appropriate training in plastic surgery, and are up-to-date with the latest techniques and safety standards. It is important to analyze the surgeon’s background. In Argentina, to obtain the title of specialist in Plastic Surgery, the doctor must first train in general surgery and then in plastic surgery, resulting in 8 years of study and training in Accredited Training Centers in both specialties.

Also, review the reviews that usually appear on the professional’s website. The opinions of other patients sharing their experiences can help in the selection process. However, not all cases or patients are the same; each person and each case is unique.

Next, you should schedule a consultation with the professional. Although nowadays more and more professionals provide online consultations, it is still advisable to attend the office in person. It is important to have information about the procedure you want to undergo before the consultation, but remember that the most relevant information is what is discussed and exchanged in the office with the professional. In general terms, the surgical plan, expectations, risks, and doubts related to the expected results will be discussed.

Be wary of treatments promising magical results; remember that in medicine, results cannot be guaranteed. All procedures require recovery time, carry risks, and complications may arise.

Be cautious of “personal” and quick techniques that other professionals do not perform or that have a low cost. We do not recommend undergoing procedures in private clinics that do not have safety equipment. To complement this point, we recommend that you read our article “Surgical Safety,” where we elaborate on this topic.

When choosing the surgeon who will perform your operation, many factors need to be analyzed by the patient. The price of the surgery is no exception to this. However, this should not be the most important factor; remember that undergoing surgery is your choice, and your safety takes precedence over any other factor. We recommend being suspicious of promotions or low prices.

In conclusion, choosing the right plastic surgeon is a crucial step in the process of undergoing cosmetic surgery. We hope that with this article, you understand the key factors to consider when selecting a plastic surgeon. By taking the necessary time to research and evaluate the available medical professionals, you can make a more informed and secure decision